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Identifying the Value Proposition

"The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

Business today across all sectors is becoming increasingly competitive. In many situations, it is no longer sufficient to simply sell on price – instead the value proposition needs to be clearly identified so that the customer is aware of their return-on-investment.

Every dollar spent needs to be able to generate a profitable return. Only then can we ensure a sustainable and profitable agricultural livestock business.

The value proposition differs between companies, depending on the business areas in which they operate. For example, commodity-oriented organisations focus on excellency in operational efficiency and control on supply chain management. Product and brand-oriented organisations will focus their value proposition through R&D and technological innovation.

Biotech Consultancy Services has considerable experience in identifying the value proposition of technological applications into the livestock agriculture sector.

  • Value proposition in terms of return on investment for each dollar spent.
  • Understanding the potential risks involved from removal of applications.
  • Understanding the value of customer support services offered alongside biotech application strategies.

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