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  • news-image Managing Moulds and Mycotoxins in Poultry Feeds
    The term “mycotoxin” is derived from myco meaning fungi and toxin, a poison; hence, the word literally means poisons from fungi. There are more than 300 known  mycotoxins, but very little is known about the relative toxicity of most of these compounds. The fungi that produce mycotoxins can infect and produce mycotoxins in cereal grains such as corn and sorghum in the field    ... Read more
  • news-image Poultry Nutrition and Management
    The science of nutrition involves providing a balance of nutrients that best meets the animals needs for growth, maintenance, egg production, etc. For economic reasons, this supply of nutrients should be at least cost, and so we must supply only enough for requirements, without there being any major excesses. It is very difficult and very expensive to supply... Read more
  • news-image Swine Health through Nutritional Integrity and Feed Safety
    Under the conditions of modern swine production, pigs need to be fed a balanced diet that meets their daily nutritional requirement for maintenance, growth, and reproduction. However, nutrient intake is largely determined by voluntary feed intake, which is greatly infl uenced by the chemical senses of olfaction and taste. Thus, it is essential to make sure that diets being offered to pigs are highly... Read more
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